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Section I | Introduction to Molecular Biology

Chapter 1 | Introduction to bacterial molecular biology

  • The building blocks of molecular biology
    DNA Structure 
    Genetic information flow
    Replication of genetic information
    The Replication Fork
    RNA synthesis

Chapter 2 | From single-gene to transcriptomic analysis

  • The progress of targeted and genome-wide analyses
    Targeted gene expression methods
    Genome-wide methods 

Chapter 3 | Challenges of gene expression studies in biofilms

  • Choosing the right RNA extraction kit
    A critical view of common RNA quality indicators
    The importance of reverse transcriptase and quantitative PCR kits
    What is the origin of the variability in gene expression studies in biofilms?
    Reducing experimental variability

Chapter 4 | Methods for gene expression studies in biofilms

  • RNA extraction
    Genomic DNA removal 
    RNA concentration and purity
    RNA integrity 
    Complementary DNA synthesis 
    Quantitative PCR run 
    Data Analysis

Section II | Transcriptomes of relevant medical biofilms

Chapter 5 | Introduction to medical biofilms

  • The origin of bacterial biofilms
    How a biofilm is formed
    Why pathogenic bacteria form biofilms?
    The biofilm matrix
    The quorum sensing phenomena
    The impact of biofilms in health

Chapter 6 | Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm infections

  • CoNS biofilms impact in clinical setting
    Diseases caused by CoNS biofilms
    Transcriptomics of Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm-related infections

Chapter 7 | Clinical relevance and transcriptome studies of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    Impact of P. aeruginosa in clinical settings
    P. aeruginosa transcriptome studies

Chapter 8 | Role of E. coli on catheter-associated urinary tract infections

  • Impact in clinical settings
    Catheter-associated urinary infections pathogenesis 
    E. coli in catheter-associated urinary infections transcriptome studies

Chapter 9 | Listeria monocytogenes: a major foodborne pathogen

  • Impact of listeriosis
    L. monocytogenes in food industry
    Transcriptomic studies about L. monocytogenes virulence

Chapter 10 | Streptococcus mutans biofilms: an insider’s look

  • Establishing a foothold
    Growing and multiplying
    Feeling the consensus
    Stress management

Chapter 11 | Gardenerella vaginalis gene expression in biofilms

  • Healthy vaginal microbiota
    Etiopathogenesis of Bacterial vaginosis
    G. vaginalis as a pathogen
    Clinical features and the epidemiology of Bacterial vaginosis 
    G. vaginalis transcriptomic studies 
    Potential of transcriptomics to analyse the vaginal microbiome

Chapter 12 | Bacillus cereus a foodborne pathogen involved in biofilm infections

  • Bacillus cereus group
    Bacillus cereus and foodborne diseases
    Bacillus cereus pathogenicity
    The role of spores and biofilms in Bacillus cereus infections
    Gene expression profile of Bacillus cereus linked to biofilm formation

Chapter 13 | Insights on Enterococcus biofilm factors from expression studies

  • Impact in clinical settings
    Biofilm associated enterococcal factors
    E. faecalis transcriptome studies

Chapter 14 | Candida biofilms gene determinants

  • Candida and Candidiasis
    Candida Biofilms
    Infections associated to biofilms
    Structure and composition of biofilms
    Genetic determination of Candida biofilm formation
    Gene determinants in biofilm resistance

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